Hat trick in football

hat trick in football

A hat - trick occurs in association football when a player scores three goals (not necessarily consecutive) in a single game,  ‎ List of Test cricket hat-tricks · ‎ List of FIFA World Cup hat-tricks. The sports pages of UK newspapers have been full of hat tricks recently (), as there has been a spate of them at the start of the Premiership Football season. The scorer of the fastest hat - trick in football, Tommy Ross, has died at the age of Mr Ross set the Guinness World Record by scoring three.

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This very rare quadruple Hat-Trick consisted of 2 catches, an LBW and 3 bowled. As I was walking to the field, the other team was yelling and making googley eyes at me. Retrieved 21 October Thanks for sharing about your favorite soccer team, DEEEJ! We think soccer is fun! Taking two wickets in two consecutive deliveries is occasionally known as a brace , or more commonly, especially until the next delivery has been made being on a hat-trick. This section uses citations without providing full publisher and source details.

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Vier Wickets in vier aufeinanderfolgenden Bällen werden manchmal als double hat-trick bezeichnet, da dieser in gewissem Sinne zwei Folgen von jeweils drei aufeinanderfolgenden Wickets enthält. Thanks for joining the discussion, julio! Soccer is a GREAT sport to play to learn teamwork and get some exercise! It may even cause fights, which we do not want! Those reports refer to players 'scoring a hat trick', but the first hat tricks weren't scored, they were 'taken'. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. Although many people understand that a hat trick means accomplishing a particular feat three times during a game, not many know where the term came from.



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